Lindsay Paige



Part of well-body maintenance includes destressing your body from the rigors of work and daily life. Additionally, if you've experienced an injury—whether recently or in the past—you already know the benefits of a good massage.

Lindsay Paige, LMT, has been providing massages for a variety of clients from different fields and walks of life for nearly half a decade. Now Lindsay is proud to open her own solo massage therapy studio in her home community of Pasadena/Deer Park. Lindsay believes in integral health and rejuvenating one's body on a regular basis. She is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association and focuses on pandiculation, deep tissue, trigger point, and pre- and post-sports massage.

Lindsay Paige offers a variety of massage options, depending on your personal needs. Both one hour and 90-minute massages are available (dressing time not included). You'll get the full benefit of every minute you pay for! In a hurry? Lindsay also offers a simple yet highly invigorating chair massage. She'll make sure your shoulders, neck or back are focused on. This way you can be in and out quickly and still get a "recharge" for the day.

Remember: massages are no longer for the injured or overworked. Massage is a proven way to de-stress, relax, and refresh from your busy lifestyle. People who regularly attend massages find that they are less prone to worry, aches and pains, and the overall stress that comes from our high-paced and overfilled schedules.

Lindsay Paige grew up right here in the Pasadena/Deer Park area. She's always believed in giving back to the community, and to this end volunteers at Wounded Warrior and MS150. She also helps out at fun runs and marathons, helping local athletes. Lindsay also makes herself available to the senior community and is experienced in dealing with our bodies as they age. One of her points of pride is approaching each individual—young or old—in their own unique way. She takes care to fulfill clients' needs without damaging weak or frail bodies.

In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her beloved dog Mo, road trips to hiking spots in Central Texas, and exercise boot camps.


Do you accept walk-ins or short notice appointments?

Walk-ins are not available but short notice appointments are accepted if I have availability.  Check on line or send me a message so I can check.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, if you do not cancel your appointment within 3 hours you will be charged 50%.  If you do not show up for your appointment time - and do not call to cancel, you will be charged the full fee.  Thank you for understanding.

Do I need to tip in addition to my massage fee?

If you enjoyed your session, tips are always appreciated but not expected. The cost for your massage is just the massage.

What if I am late for my massage?

Your session is scheduled for a full 60 or 90 minutes, additional time is allowed for consult, paperwork and changing.  If you are late, your massage time still begins as scheduled so your time will be shortened.  I cannot go over your scheduled time because of my next appointment.

Am I supposed to take off all my clothing?

Most people completely undress, including all undergarments.  You will be completely draped at all times with a sheet and blanket - only the area being worked on will be uncovered.  It is totally up to you which you prefer and I respect your choice. 

How do I access Under Pressure at My Salon Suite?

My Salon Suite is completely secure, there is a notification system in the entry area (and outside for after hours).  When you arrive for your appointment, press the option for Under Pressure and I will come to the front to get you 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Will the therapist be in the room when I undress?

No, I will take you to my room and go over your health history and goals for the session.  After that, I will leave the room for you to undress to your comfort level and get on the table under the sheet and blanket.

What if the pressure is too firm or not firm enough?

Even the best and most skilled therapist cannot always provide a great session without a little help from you.  You will not insult me by letting me know if I need to back off or dig in.  Many people think that they have to take whatever is given to them, but I want to help you have the best massage ever.  Let me know if something needs to be changed.  There are 3 basic levels of pressure:

 * Light / Relaxing

 * Medium Pressure

 * Firm Pressure

Do you offer enhancements?

Hot towels are offered on every massage.  For sports injuries or problem areas, I offer a Prossage and Bio-freeze treatment for an additional $6.  I also offer sugar foot scrubs for an additional $6.  Coming soon I will be offering hot and cold stone therapy.

I'm self concious about a certain part of my body, what do I do?

The room is dimmed to help you relax.  People are self concious for many reasons (over/under weight, excessive body hair, scars/tattoos, etc..).  If you prefer to have any part of your body avoided, please inform me on the paperwork and when we discuss your massage goals.  I am a professional, I work on a wide variety of body types and ages - but I am here to meet your specific needs and make you feel comfortable.

What payment types do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover) and you will be required to reserve your appointment with a card.  You can pay with cash at the time of the massage, but I do not keep a "bank" and may not be able to make change.  I do not accept checks.

Do you have specials?

Currently I offer a referral special.  For every 6 clients that you refer for a 60 or 90 minute massage -  you will receive a complimentary one hour massage.